Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Arabic Alphabet Fun Flashcards Kickstarter Campaign

I got the email today. The one I've been waiting for and that has been giving me a near ulcer all week. My project has been approved by Kickstarter!!!!

For those that don’t know what it is, Kickstarter is a website that supports crowd funding.  That is when complete strangers believe in helping out (and getting a ton of cool stuff in the bargain) to lend a hand to each other so that little dreams across America are fulfilled.

So it's official, my Kickstarter campaign to get funding to print the Arabic Alphabet Fun Flashcards has begun.

Now comes the really hard part: asking for your help in spreading the word. Even if your own funds are tight and you can't help out, I totally get it. But if you can help spread the word about this campaign, to be honest, that would be the bigger help. I want this campaign to reach ten thousand people, because maybe if only 4 out of ten people decided to pledge only one dollar, this project will get funded.

Thanks so much and here the link for the campaign:

And here is the screen saver that I'm going to keep around for awhile :)
Arabic Alphabet Fun Flashcards are launched!

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