Monday, January 31, 2011

My first Blog giveaway!

I'm participating in the One World One Heart.

From Lisa's website:
One World One Heart is a worldwide event for bloggers only. It gives all those who blog a chance to meet and mingle and form connections with those they may not have otherwise met from all over the world. In the past 4 years this event has grown to over 1,000 participants with lasting friendships (and even one love connection) formed along the way. Think of it as a GIGANTIC open house allowing you to travel without ever leaving your home........going from blog to blog(in various countries) seeing the wonder each one has created and meeting all the fabulous people behind those blogs. As a bonus each blogger participant will offer up a "door prize or prizes"....just for dropping by, saying hello and seeing their world. It's really that easy.

So, as part of this event, I'll be giving away one of my Hello cards in Arabic. This is a new experience for me, I've never done a blog giveaway, so please comment on this post and I'll pick a winner on Feb 17th.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Closing my Under Your Breath Shop

Well, I hate to do it, but I'm closing up my Under Your Breath Zibbet shop. I had opened this shop for my sarcastic greeting card line, but haven't sold any since its opening back in April 2, 2010. I should probably give it a bit more time, but the cards seem to be doing well in my four Seattle brick and mortar shops. Plus my A Crafty Arab Zibbet shop is really taking up all my time.

Before I take my cards down, let me know if you want any…I’ll send them to you for half off. Just a little thank you to those that have been supportive of my wares!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Mirror Mirror...part thalatha

Two weeks ago, I started listing my 'Six 1 inch Button Pins' I made for each of the countries that are in the Arab League. I’ve been adding more countries as I’ve been able to list them in my Zibbet shop, and just finished adding the next eight. So, drumroll please, here are the numbers for the new countries:

*Proud Egyptian* 45 views
*Proud Kuwaiti* 43 views
*Proud Bahrainian* 40 views
*Proud Jordanian* 36 views
*Proud Omanian* 34 views
*Proud Saudi Arabian* 34 views
*Proud Mauritanian* 8 views
*Proud Comorosian* 2 views

As with the past listings, I have been advertising them on my Twitter and Facebook pages, but have stopped advertising the previous list to give the new ones a chance to catch up. Here is how the ones listed before have been doing thus far:

*Proud Palestinian* 174 views (up 24 views)
*Proud Somalian* 128 views (up 22 views)
*Proud Iraqi* 108 views (up 11 views)
*Proud Libyan* 98 views (up 43 views)
*Proud Syrian* 91 views (up 6 views)
*Proud Algerian* 88 views (up 20 views)
*Proud Lebanese* 60 views (up 11 views)
*Proud Amreekan* 54 views (up 15 views)
*Proud Moroccan* 52 views (up 15 views)
*Proud Dijoutian* 47 views (up 15 views)

I’ve also added a few other sets of buttons and here are their numbers:

*Proud Muslim* 50 views
Pillars of Islam Magnets 43 views
*I’m Fasting Today* 30 views
*I’m Iranian* 18 views.

The interesting observation is that the *Proud Muslim* pins got to 50 only after about an hour of being listed!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Meet Khalil from Morocco

I just stopped by the Eastside Community Aid, a thrift store in Kirkland that I had never visited before. I was in the area for a doctor apptoinment at Evergreen Hospital (everything if fine, BTW) and had a little time to waste. And there he was, Khalil from Morocco, sitting in a glass case just waiting for me.

I usually don't go for the cutiesie little people with my camels, but when I turned him over and saw he was from the UN, I knew I had to get him.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Valentine Quilling Card Class

Welcome to 2011!!!

Did you resolve to try a new craft? How about learning how to quill by taking this Valentine Quilling Card Class that I'm teaching at Ben Franklin Crafts and Frames in Redmond? Come learn some cool ways to add a little fun to your handmade valentine cards this year. We’ll be learning how to make bees, lambs, hearts and aliens. I will also show samples of lots of other shapes and cards you can make during class.

Here are the cards I'll be teaching for this class:

Quilling is super easy and a very inexpensive craft to master. The class is on February 3rd at 6:30pm till 8:30pm and it's only $22 (which includes all supplies). Sign up today by calling Ben Franklin at 425.883.2050 and I can't wait to see you there.

(There will be another class offered on March 24th if you are unable to make the Valentine Quilling Card Class. We will be learning how to make fun spring and birthday cards for that one.)
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