Friday, April 6, 2012

Islamic Mosaic Paper Cut

Papercutting is an art form with origins back in the 6th century. Jianzhi, as it is called in China, was usually done by the royals, since they could afford paper. By the 14th century, the artfrom was being created by everyone and had spread to other parts of the world and was called Sanjhi in India, Kirie in Japan, and Papel Picado in Mexico. There are many notable silhouette artists, who create beautiful works of art using an image of a person, object or scene outlined, cut out and placed on a solid colour background.

Inspired by these cultural masterpieces, I created my own Islamic Mosaic Paper Cut and will show you how to do your own.

You'll need:

Framed Mosaic Paper Cut Template
White Cardstock
Cutting Mat
Craft Knife
Red Cardstock

Print out the Mosaic Paper Cut Template on some sturdy white cardstock and use the craft knife and ruler to cut out the lines on your cutting mat. I found it best to move the cutting mat as I cut out the lines with the ruler rather then move the white cardstock. This helped the white paper stay in place during the cutting.  I also found it easier to cut the little spots free hand, rather then the ruler, since they were easier to see.

Glue your cut out design on the printed side to hide all your lines.

Enjoy your paper cut!
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