Sunday, May 24, 2015

Funny Arab Food Memes

If you've been following me on Instagram, you already know that I've been having a little fun with designing some funny Arab food memes.

These all started when I attended a National Association of Arab Americans fundraiser to start a new Seattle chapter last week.  While I was there, I had some great basbousa from Fig and Thyme Catering, a new business being started by my friend, and fellow WashingtonCASH graduate, Samira.

The next morning I was still thinking about that basbousa.  I was kicking myself for not turning into an old lady and slipping an extra one in my purse. How I wish I could have one so that I could eat basbousa for breakfast.  Then I had the idea to create this funny declaration meme using the help of PicMonkey to play on the words Eat Cake For Breakfast.

Eat Basbousa For Breakfast

Then I can't stop them from happening! Shortly after, I was at a traffic light and the car in front of me had a Make Love Not War bumper sticker and this saying about labne popped into my head.

Make Labne Not War

A few days later, I was listening to John Lennon and his song Give Peace A Chance when the next one happened. With the fighting in Libya continuing, how I wish the men would lay down their weapons and sit around a bowl of bazeen and talk.  I'm sure it won't even be frowned upon if someone brought a kasheek (Arabic for spoon).

If you have a suggestion for more, comment below.  I'll send you a free shukran (Arabic for thank you) card if I use your quote.  Plus give you full credit of course. Be sure to email your address to ACraftyArab at gmail for the card.

Monday, May 18, 2015

The 5th Annual 30 Day Ramadan Crafty Challenge is coming!

30 Day Ramadan Crafty Challenge 2015
Can you believe it's our 5th year doing this, ma'shaAllah? 

When the 30 Day Ramadan Crafty Challenge started, it was due to a lack of any craft options for me and my children.

Now that I've been curating the 99 Creative Projects series, it warms my heart to see so many other Arab and Islamic crafters out there.

Let me just say we are working away in my studio at our upcoming 2015 projects list and checking it twice!  We've been stocking up on craft books from the library and hitting up thrift shops for inspirations.  We want to make sure everything is affordable and you can make with (mostly) items you have around your house.

Be sure to Like me on Facebook, or follow me on Instagram or Pinterest to keep up to date on what we're creating to celebrate our holiest of months, Ramadan!
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