Thursday, March 15, 2012

2011 - 30 Day Crafty Ramadan Challenge Rroundup

I started the 30 days of Ramadan Crafty challenge back in July 2011 to give my daughters a creative outlet for making some fun Islamic crafts.  I wasn't able to find any Islamic craft books at our local library or online, so we made up our own creations.  It was our hope to inspire others to celebrate the month of Ramadan with their own children.  We are looking forward to Ramadan 2012 to create more crafts!

2011 - 30 days of Ramadan Crafty challenge roundup by A Crafty Arab

Here are the crafts in alphabetical order:

1.   Allah Monogram Button Art
2.   Ball Toss Toy
3.   Button TicTacToe
4.   Candy Surprise Eid Card
5.   Cardboard Tube Ramadan Card
6.   Coin Felt Necklace
7.   Couscous Heart Pin
8.   Crescent Moon Magnet
9.   Curled Star Eid Gift Tags
10. Donkey and Cart
11. Egyptian Water Bottle
12. Eid Camel Gift Bag Tutorial
13. Eid Coin Bag
14. Eid Tea Light Lanterns
15. Festive Sheep
16. Glitterd Sea shell
17. Henna Stencil Tshirt
18. Iqra Bookmark
19. Jordan almonds box
20. Ketupat Card
21. Making a Soos
22. My Birthday Present to You
23. Palm Tree Cookie Cutter Candle
24. Paper Lanterns
25. Ramadan Good Deeds Book
26. Ramadan Word Search
27. Star banner
28. Syrian Pinwheel Flag
29. Twisted box
30. Zakāt box
And for Eid, I created a puzzle:

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