Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ramadan Suhoor Sharpie Mug

Well, here it is.  Another Ramadan.  Muslims all over Twitter are doing the Islamic version of Christmas caroling we like to call "Which Day Are You A'Startin'?"  It's a traditional song we sing to each other every year across the globe to start our most holy of months.

Me?  I listen to my mom.  I have no need for debates nor do I have the time to stay glued to my satellite TV to figure out which day I begin my month of fasting from dawn till dusk.  When my mom calls, I start.

I got the call late last night, so this morning I woke up super early to have my tea before I roused up the rest of the troops.  As my cup looked sad and alone, I decided to jazz it up a bit with some humor to get me through these upcoming early morning wake up calls.

I used the same supplies from My First Ramadan Sharpie Plate tutorial we did last year.  This time I used a cup instead of a plate and I made this myself in a few minutes while the children were still asleep.

Shhh - Later - Yes

White porcelain mug
Black Sharpie (Oil Based Only)

Make sure you get the Sharpie that is Oil Based.
 Place tape down across three locations on the mug so that it's easier to write in a straight line.
Tape the top and bottom first, then it'll be easier to figure out the middle.
I’m not that confident in writing that big, so I did practice a few times with a regular Sharpie on a piece of paper.  Try to use a regular Sharpie or something with a thick point as the Oil Based Sharpie you’ll be using on the mug has a similar point.

Take your time, but if you make a mistake, use a Qtip and rubbing alcohol.
Notice how I left the parts of the letters that need to go below the tape alone (the dot under the first letter in the middle word).  Once I removed the tape, I went over the missing parts and made my lines a little thicker.

Bake it for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Allow it to cool completely before washing or using. I kept mine in the oven for five hours after I turned it off.
When I took my mug out, the sticker on the bottom came right off.

I think it came out pretty good and to be honest, the Sharpie cost more then the mug (dollar store finds are better then more expensive mugs).  Don’t skimp on the Sharpie and use a regular one, you really do need the Oil Based brand.

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