Saturday, February 28, 2015

Arabic Alphabet coloring pages...'Ayn is for 'Ankaboot

Wow, where did February go?

It feels like everyone I know is hibernating, staying close to home.  Our family escaped to spend part of the month chasing the sun on the beaches of Washington, and we found it!

Our beach house was the cutest thing you've ever seen in 1974.  And the girls are happy to report, was free of any 'ankaboot, which is Arabic for spider.

I did bring along the newest free coloring page for them to test out, the page for‘Ayn, the 18th letter in the Arabic alphabet, which is represented by Adil.

Adil spends his day making homes but they are never quite perfect in his eyes.

Other words that use 'Ayn are Eid (festival), ‘asha (dinner), and ‘asal (honey).

I hope you enjoy an 'ankaboot free weekend.  Here is where you can download 'Ayn Coloring Page.

You can also enjoy these Arabic letters and animals that have been done already -
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