Saturday, March 21, 2015

Happy Arab Mother's Day 2015

For most in the Arab world, today is Mother's Day!
Arabic Mother's Day Handmade Card
Youm Umm Said (Arabic for Happy Mother's Day) to all my friends!  (just a reminder for next year, I have a number of choices in my Zibbet shop to send your mom a little love.)

Check here to view what dates you need to memorize to celebrate other Mother's Day(s) all over the world.

I found this great video and wanted to share it with you and ask that you take a little time to share it on your social medias also.

Jazak Allah Khair everyone, and don't forget to hug a mom today.  Doesn't matter if she gave birth or not, or if she belongs to you via blood or not, just give her a hug.

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