Saturday, June 27, 2015

Quran Candy Nuggets Tutorial

The Month of Ramaḍān is the month in which the first revelations of the Holy Qur’ān came down to the Prophet Muḥammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

It is widely reported that the first verses of the Holy Qur’ān revealed to the Prophet (PBUH) as He meditated in the Cave of Hira was the Sūrat al-Iqrā:
Iqrā’ bi-smi rabbika’lladhī khalaqa
Khalaqa al-insāna min ‘alaqin

Iqrā’ wa rabbuka al-Akramu

Alladhī ‘allama bi’l-qalami

‘Allama’l-insān ma lam ya‘lam
It is translated as such:
Read: In the name of your Lord Who created
Created man from a clot
Read: And your Lord is most Generous
Who has taught by the Pen
Has taught man that which he knew not.
(Holy Qur’ān 96:1-5)
To help celebrate the importance of books and reading in Islam, our project today involves making these Surat al- Iqra Quran Candy Nuggets 

After your children eat the nuggets, tell them to keep the piece of paper to help them memorize this treasure.

Hershey's Nuggets
Surat al-Iqra printout

Along with using the Hersey's Nuggets for their size, we are also using them because in English the word 'nugget' also means a  tidbit of wisdom.

Place two Nuggets on your cardstock and cut out. Use this template to cut out the rest of the rectangles.

Put a dap of glue and place the ribbon down the middle of the cardstock.

Glue the Nuggets to the cardstock, two on each one.

I cut and pasted the words to the Sūrat al-Iqrā in a word document at a 7 size font and printed it out in columns. Cut them out in strips to fit over the Nuggets.

Fold it in half.

Glue the Surat on top of the Nuggets and fold over the ribbon.  We also put a tiny bit of glue on the bottom of the ribbon, making sure it doesn't cover any writing.

Your Quran Nuggets are all ready to hand out to the kids!

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