Friday, July 3, 2015

Polymer Clay Moon & Star Tutorial

Earlier in our 30 Day Ramadan Crafty Challenge, we used Polymer Clay to make a Crescent Moon and Star Traveling Tic-Tac-Toe Game.

We thought it might be fun to use the same clay again and make handmade Islamic jewelry!

Plastic Mat
2 Pliers
Polymer clay in two colors
Clay tool
Clay shapes
Oval rings
Lobster closure

Cut out two even pieces of clay from both colors and use your roller to lay them out even thickness.

Use your clay shapes to cut out the moon and star pieces. If you do not have the star shape, check out the TicTacToe Game tutorial on how to make stars.  If you don't have the circle shape, you can use a bottle top.

To make a crescent moon out of your circle, simply use the circle shape again a little off center.

Poke a hole in all your shapes.

Place all the pieces on a cooking tray and bake according to manufacture's instructions.

Once your pieces are baked, allow them to cool off completely and use your pliers to add the charms to a chain.

Add the lobster clay closure to the end of the chain to make a bracelet.

Here is a close up of all our charms on our bracelet. Now we are all ready for an Eid party!

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Salma said...

Very crafty indeed...Ramadan Mubarak!

A Crafty Arab said...

Shukran. Ramadan Mubarak to you too!

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