Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mosque Night Light Tutorial

This is a great little night light to have when you are having your suhoor.

If you do decide to turn it on, please make sure you use a non-burning candle or even a light bulb. If you do use a candle, please do not leave this vellum night light unattended!

Mosque Night Light Tutorial

Colored paper with mosque silhouette
Star punch
Double sided tape
Xacto knife
Cutting board

First I found a mosque silhouette online when I did a search on Bing.  Since I didn't trust my 5 year old with the Xacto knife, I went ahead and cut out the design for her.

Then you'll need to put some double sided tape on your design. Make sure you get all the tape all over (especially on the minarets and palm leaves). No one is going to see the tape, since it goes on the inside, so it's okay that you put it on rather thick.

Next put your mosque silhouette over the vellum.
Using the double sided tape, secure the two ends together to form a tube. You'll need to make sure everything lines up, especially on the bottom. If you are using a light bulb that has a cord, you'll need to cut out a little notch so the cord will fit out of the vellum.

Use the star punch to make some stars out of the extra paper you had left over from the mosque silhouette.

Glue your stars on the outside of the vellum.

Enjoy your mosque night light!


Anonymous said...

Fun! We have featured you in today's Blog Roundup

Anonymous said...

Assalamulaikkum...really love ur idea... can we use anything else instead of vellum forthe same activity?

Anonymous said...

Clear plastic binder dividers are inexpensive and can be used instead of the vellum; they are just more difficult to form into the round.

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