Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Arabic Alphabet coloring pages...Ta is for Timsaah

I'm still continuing to take the animals from my Arabic Alphabet Animal poster and turn them into coloring sheets! Here is the third letter of the alphabet: Ta, represented by Tasnim the Timsaah  (Crocodile).  Here is the newest page to print: Timsaah Coloring Page

You can also enjoy these past animals that have been done already -
Arrnab Coloring Page
Batreek Coloring Page
Faraasha Coloring Page
Samakah Coloring Page


Anonymous said...

Hi Crafty Arab,

I am a homeschooling mother and I love your Arabic Alphabet colour pages, I cannot find the complete set though only about 5 letters. Where can I get all the pages?Thanks

Anonymous said...

I am also a homeschool mom and just found your Arabic Alphabet pages. I printed out the first three. I opened the pages in a new window and then adjusted the percentage until the printing was only 1 of 1. Aleph at 95%?, Ba and Ta at 92%. Would love more pages. They would be such a blessing. Thank you.

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