Friday, February 5, 2016

Multicultural Toys & Activities for Kids - Arabic Wooden Sorting Game

Today I am getting together with a few of my blogging friends, and we are sharing multicultural toys and activities for kids.   I wanted to introduce you to this Arabic Wooden Sorting Game.

When my children were small, my parents brought them this Arabic sorting game from one of their many travels.
Arabic Wooden Sorting Game by A Crafty Arab
This game has been one of our favorites over the years because it introduced children to a few words at a time to get them started learning Arabic.

The game comes in a self contained box for storage, a lid that slides in and out and 8 slots inside.

It comes with five large wood pieces and forty small ones.  The five large, long wood pieces have Arabic letters, Arabic numbers, shapes, food and animals on them.
Arabic Wooden Sorting Game by A Crafty Arab
The smaller, square pieces have the same objects, only on individual squares.
Arabic Wooden Sorting Game by A Crafty Arab
To play, you place a large wood piece in a sliding slot on the lid when the box is closed. You choose one of the smaller wood pieces and place it into the open slot.

Here the number one is getting ready to go into the number one slot.
Arabic Wooden Sorting Game by A Crafty Arab
We also used to flip the squares over and play a matching game before we created our own last year.
Arabic Wooden Sorting Game by A Crafty Arab
To see more multicultural games and toys for teaching children languages, check out Multicultural Toys and Activities for Kids by For the Love Of Spanish and Playing With Traditional Music Instrument by Maria Magdalena.


Maria Magdalena said...

Very great educational toys! Kids will learn well with this.

Lisa Lewis, MD said...

What a versatile activity! I especially love the memory portion. Brain exercise while playing!

Kali Lin said...

I love wooden toys...they stay looking nice and last so long! How nice that your parents were able to bring this to your kids, as I'm sure it would be hard to find here in the states! said...

Ma sha Allah. Great post, Sis! I've got a weakness for anything wood, especially toys! And the Memory Game is probably the most favored amongst the grands! ♡

Leanna @ Alldonemonkey said...

This looks like a wonderful game! And so special that your parents brought it for them from their travels!

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