Monday, February 29, 2016

Multicultural Toys & Activities For Kids - Arabic Alphabet coloring pages: Za is for Zabi

Happy Leap Day (2016)!

To celebrate this special day that only happens every four years, I've once again gotten together with a few friend bloggers over at Multicultural Kids Blog to showcase leaping activities the world.

Please visit For the Love of Spanish and Marcellina Maria on our blog hop today of things that leap.

Since I had already started our leap month of February with a leaping defda'a (Arabic for frog), I thought I would end it with another animal from my Arabic Animal Alphabet Poster that leaps.

The 17th letter Za (ẓā’) is represented by Thareef the zabi, which is antelope in Arabic.

Thareef is always playing practical jokes on his friends.

Other words that use Za are zarif (elegant), zufr (fingernail), and zuhr (noon).

You can find Thareef here.

Arabic Alphabet coloring pages: Za is for Zabi by A Crafty Arab

Be sure to visit the Pinterest board A Crafty Arab Printables for more coloring pages and activities to print out for free!


Kali Lin said...

I love learning a new alphabet! Is this letter pronounced with a "z" sound like in English where it buzzes? Or is it more on an "s" sound? Zah?

A Crafty Arab said...

Thanks Kali! It's not like a z of buzzes, but more of a za of zaw. Your tongue should touch the front of your teeth when you say it. There are some fun kids videos with cartoons that might be fun to practice with. For the kids and you! :)

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