Monday, July 20, 2015

30 Day Ramadan Crafty Challenge Roundup (2015)

30 Day Ramadan Crafty Challenge Roundup (2015) by A Crafty Arab

When my three daughters and I began the 30 Day Ramadan Crafty Challenge back in July 2011 it was because there were no creative website that met our heritage and cultural needs.

As I artist, I had the resources to create crafts for them in my studio, at the same time spending time with them individually talking about Islam, Ramadan and my childhood memories of family. Our tradition has continued annually through 2012, 2013 and 2014.

I hope you enjoyed our activities over the month, feel free to also check them out visually on Pinterest and presented here alphabetically -

1.  Amazigh Inspired Shrinky Dink Bracelet Tutorial
2.  Arabic Initial Tote Tutorial
3.  Arabic Ramadan Countdown Tutorial
4.  Crescent Moon and Star Traveling Tic-Tac-Toe Tutorial
5.  Eid Decorative Plate Tutorial
6.  Eid Hol(e)y Lanterns Tutorial
7.  Eid Puff Flowers Tutorial
8.  Eid Tissue Paper Art Tutorial
9.  Guest Blogger Post - Islamic Daily Salat (Prayer) Chart Tutorial
10. Khatam Ramadan Matching Game
11. Khatam Ramadan Window Clings Tutorial
12. Kirigami Khatam Tutorial
13. Guest Blogger Post - Libyan Sharmoula Tutorial
14. Morocco Flag Candy DIsh Tutorial
15. Origami Khatam Tutorial
16. Patchwork Post-it Crescent Moon and Star Art Tutorial
17. (Perler Sheep) Ramadan Mubarak 1436/2015
18. Polymer Clay Moon and Star Tutorial
19. PomPom Kuwaiti Flag Tutorial
20. PomPom Sheep Tutorial
21. Pyramid Paper Lantern Tutorial
22. Quran Candy Nuggets Tutorial
23. Ramadan Banner Tutorial
24. Ramadan Crescent Moon and Star Podgeable Tutorial
25. Guest Blogger Post - Ramadan Reminder Shrink Plastic Charm Tutorial
26. Ramadan Woolly Play Tutorial
27. Starry Memo Center Tutorial
28. Three Gold Eid Cones Tutorial
29. Yemeni Trivet Tutorial
30. Zakat Shadowbox Tutorial

30 Day Ramadan Crafty Challenge Roundup (2015) by A Crafty Arab

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