Friday, July 27, 2012

Arabic Newspaper Hairclip

Since we have so much Arabic newspaper left over from our last craft, today we thought it might be fun to make a hairclip.

Scalloped edge punches (various sizes)
Small hole punch

Use the hole punches to punch out some shapes.

We used three different sizes.  We also punched a lot of flowers out so that we could pick good ones with nice random images.  And now we have extras to make more hairclips!

Gather up about four of each size of punch and stack them together from largest to smallest.  Using your small hole punch, punch a hole in the middle.

Place your brad in the hole.

Close up your brad in the back over your hair clip.  (We forgot this part of the process and had to add it to the end, that's why you don't see the hair clip in the next two photos. :)

Take each layer of flower and scrunch it up with your fingers.

Keep doing the same to all the layers untill your flower looks like this:

 Put it in your hair and enjoy!

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