Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ramadan Good Deeds Sticker Book

During this month, my kids are doing a lot of good deeds for Ramadan.  We made these sticker books for them to hold the stickers before they go on the good deed wall poster.  This way they get to pick out the sticker before it goes on the poster.

12 blank envelopes
Black poster board paper
Duct tape
Self sticking Velcro
Double sided tape

First take your envelopes and cut off the flaps.

Affix the double sided tape at the center ofthe top edge and stick the envelope to the next envelope.  Make sure they line up.

Once all the envelopes are all lined up, they'll look like this:

To measure out the size of the file folder: lay out three extra envelopes and put the taped envelopes between them.  This will give you the thickness.  Using the ruler, mark off the diminstions and cut out the cover.

Where you marked off the twelve envelopes taped together, you'll want to make a couple of score lines.  If you don't have a score machine like mine below, you can use a bone folder.

Place double sided tape to the outer edges of the envelopes to attach them to the cover.

Score the top of the cover for the outside flap to fit over the taped envelopes.

Add the Velcro tabes to the inside of the cover.

Using the duct tape, add it to the edge of the cover to give it extra thickness.

Decorate the duct tape with some colored tape.

Your good deeds book is now ready for stickers!

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