Monday, July 30, 2012

Mosque Banner Tutorial

Going along the same theme as our Star Banner from last year, this time around we decided to make a Mosque Banner to decorate our walls.
Mosque Banner Tutorial

Crepe paper

First you'll need to measure out 2 inches on your crepe paper and make a fold. Keep making accordion folds until your banner is long enough.

Use your imagination to draw out a mosque design. Don't forgot the doors and windows!

Staple the crepe paper where you are going to cut out the design. This step is important for little hands that will have a hard time holding the paper and cutting at the same time. Notice how we also put staples in the doors.

Cut out your design.

Unwrap your crepe paper and enjoy your banner!

We had so much fun making one that we made several, experimenting with the dome and size of doors and window shapes. This is a very inexpensive craft that you can play with for hours!

Mosque Banner Tutorial


Sketched Soul said...

Oh what a cute and creative idea!!
Thanks for sharing.

A Crafty Arab said...

Thanks so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it. We always have fun coming up with these Islamic crafts.

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