Sunday, July 20, 2014

Eid Money Foam Envelopes Tutorial

Now that Eid is so close, we are getting ready by having the kids make the money envelopes they'll be passing out this year.  These only took a few minutes to make, but need at least 24 hours to dry.

9 x 6 foam
Foam glue
Glitter glue
Binder clips

Our ruler was a little under one inch wide, so we used it at the bottom to draw out a line from the edge.

Make two marks, one at the three inch and one at the six inch mark.  Connect a line between the mark and the line above.

Cut out the two rectangles on either end of the bottom.

Fold over one side and place some foam glue over the folded flap.

You really want the glue to spread, so we used our finger to get it everywhere. Lift the other flap over and place it on top of the glue.  Hold it closed with a binder clip.

Place glue on the bottom flap, spread it with your finger, close the flap and place another binder clip on it.

Use the glitter glue to write out the words Eid Mubarak.  Allow it to completely dry.  If you mess up, just clean it off with a wet paper towel before it dries. We also moved out binder clips a few times to really make sure the glue sticks.  You can see that in the first photo.  However, the binder clips indentations did lessen as the day went on.  I have a feeling they'll be gone by tomorrow, Insha'Allah.

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