Saturday, July 19, 2014

Eid Poppers Tutorial

When you think of party poppers, you usually think of having them to celebrate New Year's Eve.  But now you can enjoy the fun of poppers for Eid.  These poppers might look like firecrackers, but there are little Jordan almonds inside once they are "popped."

Tissue paper
Black duct tape
Toilet paper roll
Pipe cleaners
Letter stickers
Jordan almond

 Lay down the tissue paper and cut out a 15 inches square.

Place the tissue paper roll in the middle of the square and with one hand start making pleats all the way around.

Gather up the paper around the roll and add the Jordan calmond to the inside.

Cut three pieces out of the pipe cleaner. One that is 5 inches, and two that are 2 inches each.

Twist the two smaller pieces around the larger pipe cleaner.

Gently twist the top of the tissue paper around the pipe cleaner. Be careful not to tear.

Wrap the duct tape around the wick, pulling the tape tight to smooth the tissue paper even tighter.

Add the stickers to the popper side.  When we added our letters, they seemed very washed out, so we used a Sharpie to add some color to the inside of them.

To "pop" your popper, hold the bottom with one hand and pull the wick with your other hand. The tissue paper will rip open to show the Jordan almonds. Or fill it with confetti!

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