Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Happy Eid Candle Tutorial

Making Eid personalized candles is easier than you think.  And chances are you have the supplies in your home already.

Today with the help of my eleven year old, we made this candle to decorate our shelf.
Happy Eid Candle Tutorial
Heat gun
Wax paper
Copy paper
White tissue paper
Happy Eid written/printed out in a pretty font
Scissors (oops, we forgot them in the photo, but you do need them)

Tape the tissue paper to the copy paper.  This helps with marker bleeding and keeping your tissue paper steady while you trace.

Place your Happy Eid saying between the paper and tissue and tape down.  Trace out your design.

Cut your design out as close to the writing as possible.

Place your tissue paper over your candle and a sheet of wax paper over that.  Hold it taut and use the heat gun to heat the area. Go back and forth in an even fashion.  This should take less then a minute.

Take your wax paper off and admire your new candle.

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