Saturday, August 11, 2012

Embossed Eid Candle Tutorial

I found these fantastic Ikea square candles not too long ago, and today we stamped them with embossing powder to get ready for our Eid table. 
Embossed Eid Candle Tutorial

Square candles
Embossing ink
Embossing pad
Embossing powder
Heat gun
Manila file
Stamp set

Stamp your image in the embossing ink pad.  Make sure you get in all those little crevices.

Stamp your image on the candle.  You won't be able to see the ink as it is clear.  Pour your embossing powder over the stamp image.  Gently use the tip of your finger to get off any excess powder.  We did the embossing powder over the manila file so that when we were done, we simply folded the file in half and poured it back into its container.

Use your glue gun to heat up the powder.  This will only take a few seconds.  Leaving your heat gun on the candle longer will melt your candle!

You are done!  Once the powder is done, it will look "raised" over your candle and gives it a great 3D effect.  My daughter had so much fun making these that she made the whole set to hand out to friends as Eid gifts!

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