Monday, August 13, 2012

Recycle Can Eid Lamp

Today is my birthday. I'm not going to tell you my age, as that is not important, but let's just say that my 5 year old thinks I'm 12. My 10 year old, however has her doubts. Today I spent some time with her to convince her that I'm still young at heart!  We made this recycle tin can lamp together.  She really got into the pounding of the nail and asked if we can make more of these on Halloween to put on our driveway. But of course they will have moons and stars! :)

Tin can
Hand towel

Open one end of the can of food and fill it with water.  Place in your freezer overnight so that your can is full of ice.  This makes it easier for the nail.

Place your tin on the hand towel so that it doesn't roll away and draw out your design with the sharpie.  We did the word 'Eid' and put a moon and star over it.

Place the nail on the dots you've drawn out and punch a hole with the hammer.  Your hole doesn't really have to be very big or deep.

Place your can upside down in the sink until the ice melts and your water runs out.  Or you can place your can outside like we did.  Since it was so hot out, it only took a few minutes for the ice to slide out!

Place a tea light candle at the bottom of your tin.

My daughter put a star design on the back of the candle and this what it looks like when it's all light up.

I have to say that I loved this craft for how easy it was to make.  I'm going to start saving those tin cans from our food.  These would make a great addition to camping too!

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