Sunday, August 5, 2012

Eid Lambs

I had done this craft for the Startalk kid's camp where I had been a teacher last month.  So here is the tutorial for how we made those lambs.

Eid Lambs Tutorial by A Crafty Arab
White fluffly yarn
Black pipe cleaner
Black felt
3 x 5 piece of heavy cardstock

The first step is make your pompom lamb body by wrapping the cardstock with the fluffy yarn.  Then take the yarn off the cardstock, but keep it together in one clump.  Take an extra piece of string and tie it around the clump of yarn.

You'll end up with all these loops on your clump of yarn that you'll then want to go around and put.  This will give you single strands of string all the way around your tied string.  Fluf out your lamb body.

Take one piece of black pipe cleaner and cut it in half.  Take the ends of each of those halfs and bend them back a little to look like little feet.

Glue your pipe cleaners legs to the body of your lamb.  You can also tie them on as an option.

While your legs are setting, take a 3 x 5 piece of black felt and cut out a lamb face.  We didn't use a pattern, just simply had a lot of trial and error until we came up with a face we liked.

Cut off a piece of the ribbon and put your bell on it so that it can tie around the lamb "neck."

Cut off two little pieces of the white yarn and pinch them in your fingers back and forth to make little balls for the eyes.  Glue these on the face and glue your face to your body.

These are what our lambs looks like all sitting pretty in a row!

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