Thursday, August 16, 2012

Palestine In My Heart T-shirt Tutorial

I've wanted to make this Palestinian t-shirt for awhile now.  While at the store yesterday picking up some Cling Wrap, I saw the Freezer paper and knew that it was time.  So I got the paper and today we got down to business to make this Palestine In My Heart* t-shirt.

Palestine In My Heart T-shirt Tutorial

*Update: This tutorial had previously been called Palestinian Heartbreak T-shirt.  However, I feel that the new name fits it better.  Sorry for any confusion.

Blank t-shirt
Cutting mat
Fabric paint
Flat edge paintbrush
Freezer paper
Carbon paper
Large sheet of foam

Create an image on your computer and print it out. Cut off a piece of freezer paper to fit the size of your image. Put the shiny side down, with a piece of carbon paper on top and then your image on top of that. Draw out your image with a pencil.

Place your freezer paper on the cutting board and with the Xacto, cut out your design.  If your design is simple, you can use scissors, but since our map of Palestine had so many jagged edges on either side, we wanted to make sure we got of them.

Place your piece of foam inside your tshirt.  If you don't have a large piece of foam, you can also use cardboard, or another piece of freezer paper.  You just want to put something inside the t-shirt so that the paint doesn't go through to the back.  Place your freezer paper, shiny side down, on your t-shirt and iron it flat.  The shiny side of the freezer paper will adhere to the t-shirt.

When you start painting your fabric paint on the t-shirt, you want to make sure you paint from the outside of the paper inwards.  This will give you crisp edges and the paint will not bleed under the freezer paper.  We ended up putting two coats of paint on our t-shirt to really get the paint into the little crevices.

Let your paint dry and take off the freezer paper.  It should just rip right off your t-shirt.  Take an old towel or t-shirt, place it over your image and go over it with the iron.  This will help set the paint.  Your t-shirt is done so wear it with pride!  When someone asks you what it means, start a conversation with them about the apartheid that is happening in Palestine.

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Anonymous said...

Wanting to make an Eid Mubarak card for our neighbor today. We are not Muslim, but our family loves to learn and respect beliefs of our friends. I took a look at your nice website and found the design of the heart break design due to Palestine's tragic situation very touching. It's tragic that so few people in the US are aware of the injustice against the Palestinian people that continues with our $upport.

Eid Mubarak to you.

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