Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Quilled Eid Mubarak Card

Quilling seems to be picking up speed as a craft lately. In July, my Beginning Quilling class at Ben Franklin Crafts and Frame had a record 8 participants! 8! I was shocked since at the same time last year it was cancelled due to lack of students. I can't wait to see who will sign up for my September class!  And my Live to Quill board on Pinterest has close to 500 followers with only 50 pins.  This is just all too exciting for me to witness as I've been quilling for about four years and it's nice to be able to share this craft with so many others.

So inspired by the popularity of Quilling, which was started by nuns during the Renaissance period by the way, today my oldest daughter and I made this Quilled Eid Mubarak Card:

Solid color cardstock
Double sided tape
Blank card
Decorative edge scissors
Quilling tool
Quilling papr

Print out the words Eid Mubarak on your color cardstock.  Make sure it's the same size as your blank card.

Using the quilling paper, fold the it around the printed letters.

Once you have the folds done, place glue on your cardstock and hold down the folded quilled paper over the glue for a few seconds until it takes.

When we got to the D, we realized that it will be harder to do the inside of the letters of D, B, A and R, so we stopped working on the larger letters and did the inside of those letters first.

Once the edging of all your letters are done, they will look like this.

Now the quilling fun begins!  Using your quilling tool, start making shapes, but don't glue anything down just yet.

Your shapes should include loose circles, tight circles, S scrolls, C scrolls and any other ramdon spades you want to make.  Our pieces of blue quilled paper are only about 3 inches long, so they will fit into the outlined letters.

Start placing the quilled shapes inside your outlined letters.   You wat to play around with what fits and doesn't fit.

After all of the shapes have been put inside the outlined letters, now you can start glueing them in.  You don't need that much glue to hold them in, however, I'd recommend glueing the shapes in several places: to each other and the outlined walls.

Use your decorative scissors to cut out the quilled letters from the colored cardstock.

Put some double sided glue on your blank card and place your quilled letters on top.

You are done, so be sure to give this card to someone you love.  This card is best given in person (so you can see their face!) but if you have to mail it, be sure to protect it with bubble wrap.

Here is a little close up shot so you can see how fun it is to be random with your shapes.

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Heena2030 said...

please could you upload a template so I can print it out or tell me the font name?

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