Friday, July 19, 2013

Elegant Brown & White Eid Decorated Letters

Eid is in the air, can you smell it?  I love the anticipation of the upcoming community gatherings.  All the kids running around in their Eid best, little boys in ties (!), and little girls in bows of pink.  I love the parities, with the zakat box by the front door overflowing with cash and toys for those in our community that need it more then we do.

This year we wanted to have decorations that are a little bit more grown up, and just in time I saw these letters at Michaels over the weekend for 97cents each!  I had hoped to make Eid Mubarak, but there were no As left and we didn't want to wish people a Eid Mubrk.  So head over to your local craft store and see if there are any letters on sale now.  Maybe you'll be luckier then we are and find all the letters you need.

Cardstock or wood letters
Brown acrylic paint
Heart brads
Paper or fabric flowers with holes in the middle
Foam stickers

Lay down your newspaper and paint your letters with the brown acrylic paint. 

It might be a good idea to let one side dry and do ahead and paint the other side.  This way you can put your letters anywhere and the back looks professionally done.

Lay out where you'd like to place your flowers.  We played a little bit with different sizes and shapes to find what we'd like to see. 

Insert your brad into the middle of each flower and close it on the back.

Place your foam sticker over the brad backing.  Take off the backing and decorate your letters.

Place your flowers on your letters and you are done!

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