Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Eid Mubarak Puzzle Card

Eid is just around the corner and will be here before you know it.  Today we thought we'd get started on those Eid cards!

During my work at Startalk, one of my co-workers was lamenting how she had this big bag of wooden sticks and didn't know what to do with it.  She had bought them for a project that didn't manifest.  I told her I'd take them off her hands and come up with something. 

And here it is, our Eid cards this year!  They are puzzles that our friends and family will have to put together.  We know that some of them see this blog, so their images will be different then the ones below. :)

8 wood craft sticks
Blue painter's tape
Yellow acrylic paint
Blue acrylic paint

Place your sticks next to each other so that you can put three pieces of painter's blue tape across them.  It was a little hard to get them to stay straight while we taped, so we used the paintbrush as a leveler to help.

Flip your sticks over and use your pencil to draw a design.  Here, I drew out the word Eid in Arabic for my daughter to trace. Try to make your design reach across all eight sticks.

Trace out the word in the blue paint.

You'll need the newspaper for this second part!  We used it under the yellow because it got very messy.  Once you paint all the way across your design, let it all dry.  After a little while, place three more pieces of tape across the sticks again and flip over.

Take the tape off the back and trace out your second design.  Here I wrote the word Mubarak for my daughter to trace.

Again, paint around your design with the yellow paint. Allow to dry.

 Once you are ready, take off the tape from the second side and place your puzzle card in an envelope.

When they open their envelope, this is what they'll get. 

Now they have to figure out how to put it together!  If it might be too hard for little cousins, you can also number the sticks (on one side) but be sure to do it with Arabic numbers and going from right to left! :) 

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