Monday, July 15, 2013

Emirates Button Card Tutorial

I love buttons.  I have a huge collection but still can't stop buying them.  One of our crafts last year, the Allah Monogram Button Art, has one of my highest repins on Pinterest.  So this year I've added a few more button crafts, including this United Arab Emirates flag button card we made today.

Emirates Button Card Tutorial

Red, black, white, and green buttons in random small sizes
Blank card
White cardstock in the same size as card for template

Divide your white cardstock into four sections, one vertical and three horizontal.

Place the red buttons in the vertical section and in the next three sections, place the green, white and black buttons on top of each other.

Start gluing your card in the red section by drawing out a straight glue line starting from the top and gong all the way down.  Place a row of red buttons on this glue line.  Continue two more times until you have three rows of red buttons.

Once you have completed the red section, start working on the green, white, and black rows of buttons. 

Once you are done, your rows should look even, like this:

Let your glue stick overnight before you move the card.  Also, if you are planning on mailing this, make sure it's in a bubble envelope to protect the buttons.

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