Sunday, July 14, 2013

Nazar Hair Clip

A nazar is an eye-shaped amulet believed to protect against the evil eye. The word "nazar" is derived from the Arabic نظر, "sight" or "seeing". It is a common sight in common sight in Turkey, Albania, Greece, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Armenia, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq and Azerbaijan, where the nazar is often hung in homes, offices, cars, children's clothing, or incorporated in jewelry and ornaments.

A typical nazar is made of handmade glass featuring concentric circles or teardrop shapes in dark blue, white, light blue and black, occasionally with a yellow/gold edge.  For our Ramadan craft today, we made a nazar hair clip out of felt and thread.

Dark blue felt
Light blue felt
Yellow felt
Black thread
Bobby pin

Cut out a large dark blue circle, a medium light blue circle and a yellow circle out of the felt.  We didn't use a template.

Place the three circles on top of each other in order. If you have puffy paint and want to jazz up your nazar, now would be the time.

Sew all the way through the three felt circles and wrap the thread around the end of the bobby pin several times. Tie off the thread when you feel you've got everything secure.

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