Sunday, July 28, 2013

Woolly Sheep Eid Mubarak Card

We made more Eid cards today! But my five year old wanted to get involved, so I thought it might be nice to make easier cards for her. We had some left over fake wool fabric from a previous project and used it to make this black sheep Eid Mubarak card.

Furry fabric
Blank card
Googly eyes
White quilting pencil
Grass punch cutter
Grass background cardstock
Solid green cardstock
Solid black cardstock

 Feed the solid green cardstock through the grass punch cutter.  If you don't have one of these, just randomly cut lines into your cardstock to make it look like grass.

Take the green grass cardstock and glue it to the edge of the grass background cardstock .  Once that dries, glue them both down to your blank card.

With the white quilting pencil, draw out three lines across the short end of your black cardstock.  On the other side, draw out a sheep face and ears.

Cut out the four legs and cut the ends into a V so that they look like hoofs.  Cut out the sheep face and ears and glue on the googly eyes.

With your white quilting pencil, draw an oval on the back of the furry fabric and cut it out.

Glue down all your pieces to the card front and write Eid Mubarak at the bottom of the sheep.

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