Saturday, July 20, 2013

Moon & Star Stamp

Create your own personalized Eid party paper bags by first making your own stamp for decorating!  These stamps are super easy and require nothing but an imagination and patience to wait on drying paint.  They are super kid friendly, and unlike the traditional handmade potato stamp, require no knives and can't go bad! 

Paper bag
3D Dimensional paint (found in the fabric aisles in craft stores)
Small block of wood

Draw your design on your block of wood with the dimensional paint.  If your design is a bit complicated, feel free to draw it out in pencil first.  But try not to make too many small details as they are hard to stamp.

Wait 24 hours for your paint to dry.  Once it's hard to the touch, use your ink just like you would with any other stamp.

Confession: We didn't use enough 3D Dimensional paint!  Our star hardly came out at all, so I photoshopped it a little better on the above cover shot so you can see what it would have looked like.

This is what the photo looked like pre-beautified.  So learn from our mistake and make your stamp thicker.  We might add more paint to fix this, depending on how much time we have left in the day.

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