Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Allah Monogram Button Art Tutorial

This beautiful shadow box picture frame with the word Allah looks professionally made and complicated, but really it was very easy to do. I got the idea from all the initial monograms tutorials floating out there now.

There is a little bit of sewing, so I wouldn't have my four year old do it, but my nine year old loved this project.

 I was actually thinking of maybe doing the first Arabic letters of their names as birthday gifts next year.
Allah Monogram Button Art Tutorial by A Crafty Arab

Embroidery hoop
"Allah" printed on paper
Needle & Thread
Shadow box frame
Scrape fabric

Print out your image on a piece of paper and cut it out with scissors.

Attach your scrape fabric to embroidery hoop and pin cut out to scrape fabric. We used a glittered felt fabric that was a little stiff so that it would sit well in the frame afterwards. Plus it was glittered, so it added a little bit of sparkle!

Start placing your buttons over the word Allah and start sewing them in place. Don't worry about sewing over the paper as you'll get rid of it at the end.

Remove your fabric from the hoop and using tweezers remove the paper between the buttons. I would not recommend scissors since you run the chance of accidently cutting the thread that is holding the buttons. Attach to the shadow box frame and enjoy!

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