Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cardboard Tube Ramadan Card

Today the girls wanted to try to make some cards to get ready for Eid. So we thought we'd try this craft out since it looks so easy. After we finished the cards, they put away the supplies except for the paint and started finger-painting, so it was two crafts in one!

You'll need
Cardboard tubes (wrapping paper ones work best since they are more sturdy)
Foam squares with glue back
Old cookie pan or plate
White paper

Draw out your design (we did a crescent moon and star, plus a triangle border) from the white piece of paper. Place your design on the form squares. The foam squares we used have a glue back to make it easy for us later. Use the pencil to draw your design onto the foam square.

Cut out your designs.

If you used the craft foam with the sticky back like us, you'll just need to put your design on your cardboard tube. But if you don't have the sticky back, you'll need to glue down your design.

We also cut out a fun border for the edges of the card. We didn't use a pattern for this, but just sort of freestyle it.

Decide on a colour for your card. You can mix colours, but we wanted to make it easy and just picked red. It might be fun to mix or match. Squirt a little bit in the cookie pan.

Use an extra pieces of paper or newspaper and spread out the paint on the pan. Try to make it a bit thin. We didn't do this and had globs on our cards.

Roll your cardboard tube on the paint. It helps to also roll the tube on the pan to get rid of the excess paint before you roll it on the card.

Line up your tube with your card and roll the tube onto the card.

We made several cards with the tubes and had a fun afternoon. I'm sure the relatives will really enjoy getting these cards on Eid!

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