Monday, August 15, 2011

Eid Coin Bag

Today my September issue of Family Fun arrived and I must say it's one of our favorite magazines in the world. There are always fun things to do as a family and my daughters and I fight over who gets to read it first. This month I won and I found this charming Circle Purse that I thought would make an adorable Eid Coin Bag.

Every Eid al-Fitr, we have a community celebration put on at a local country club. The main organizers get a fabulous display of food, rent a bouncy house and a cotton candy machine, there is a toy drive and storytelling sessions to remind the kids why we celebrate Eid. Each adult is encouraged to bring a roll of quarters. Then the children will come up to you, say "Eid Mubarak" (Happy Eid) and you give them a quarter. So my daughters always try to find a fun purse to bring to the celebration. With this fun no sew bag, we are all set this year!

You'll need
Pinking sheers
Flat plate
Grosgrain ribbon
Fabric scissors
Sharpie marker

Place your plate upside down on your fleece and use the Sharpie to mark a perfect circle. It's best to mark the circle a little biggest then your plate so you can not have the marks show on your purse.

Cut out the circle with your pinking sheers.

About a half inch perpendicularly in, tuck the fabric and use your fabric scissors to cut a little notch into your fabric. Don't make it too big, fleece is very forgiving and you can always make it bigger with your fingers later.

Weave your ribbon into the holes you just cut.

Cut the ribbon once you've weaved all the way around and tie the two ends to each other.

Start collecting your quarters in your bag. The fabric I picked from Joann's had the cutest flower on it that I really wanted to show what the bag looked like on the bottom. So lovely!


Elena said...

Very useful and easy project, thank you!

Imdad said...

As-Salaam Alikum, Hi, I was searching such a kind of bag to give eidi on the day of eid. I was not able to get online and you have made exactly of what I wanted. I will try if possible to make this, is there any site or location that sells coin bags same as the above. Can you share me any info on this? - Imdad

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