Friday, August 26, 2011

Festive Sheep Tutorial for Eid

After we made our Star banner yesterday, we have a lot of left over tissue paper. We decided to make a festive sheep that will sit on our table to help us celebrate Eid!

Usually you see these sheep directions for white cotton balls for the sheep's coat. But our sheep is very excited about Eid and wanted a full color coat!

 And really, it's it much cuter in color?

Festive Sheep Tutorial for Eid by A Crafty Arab

Paper plate
Scrapes of colourful tissue paper
Black marker

Festive Sheep Supplies

Draw a sheep on your paper plate.

Crumble up your tissue paper. Try to make your tissue paper small so that you can fit more on your sheep body.

Place glue all over the inside of the sheep's body.

Place the crumbled pieces of tissue paper in a random pattern all over your sheep body.

Write Eid Mubarak over the sheep's body and enjoy your smiling sheep!

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