Monday, August 22, 2011

Glitterd Sea shell

Water is very important in Arab countries, since all of 22 countries of the Arab League except for one (Jordan) touches a major body of water.

So today we wanted to celebrate water that we need for drinking, washing, transporting and playing by decorating a sea shell.

You'll need
Sea Shell
2 colours of Glitter
Mod Podge
Paper plate
2 paint brushes

With one of the brushes, place Mod Podge on one section of the sea shell, in our case we used a sand dollar and just Mod Podged the inner star.

Pour your first glitter colour over the sea shell.

Take your second brush, which is dry, and remove any excess glitter off the parts that you want the second colour.

With your Mod Podge brush, add more Mod Podge to the areas that you want the second colour.

Pour your second glitter colour over the sea shell. Shake off any extra glitter.

You are done or you can keep going with more sea shells and other colours until you fill up a fun bowl. Enjoy your sea shells and the all memories you had of collecting and adding bling to them!

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