Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ball Toss Toy

Today we thought it would be fun to make an activity to keep us busy during this Seattle heat (it's 74 outside!).

You'll need
Paper plate
Wood bead

Draw a line about one third of the way on your paper plate and cut.

Lay out your yarn to make sure it's long enough for the ball to go into the plate and cut the yarn.

Staple one end of the string to the rounded part of the paper plate.

On the other end of the yarn, take a little bit of tape to the yarn so that it doesn't unravel. I just realized that we forgot to add tape to the list of things you need. Oops.

Take the taped yarn and put it into the wood bead. Even with the taped end, we stil had to use a knitting needle to help shove it in the hole of the bead.

Fold the paper plate over and staple the top of the paper plate.

Decorate your ball toss toy and have fun putting the wood bead into the plate. My girls made one each and had fun counting how many times the ball went into the plate. They also made miniature ones for their stuffed animals!

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