Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Paper Lanterns

I remember as a kid seeing these paper lanterns all over the souks during Ramadan. The girl's lanterns didn't quite turn out exactly like the ones I remember, but I think they are actually better, since they are handmade!

You'll need
Round cutting template
White paper
Cardboard or matte board
Tissue paper

Use your round cutting template to cut out a circle on the white sheet of paper. Keep in mind that your white circle needs to be a little bigger then your lantern. (We cut out the inside of the white circle in one girl's lantern and didn't on one lantern, that is why the next photo looks different.)

Mark your white template with 1 and 2 alternating around the outside of the circle. We wrote out our 1s and 2s in Arabic!

Next take the smaller round template and cut out a ton of circles from the tissue paper. Since we needed a ton, I actually folded the tissue paper on itself several times to make it easy to cut. You can also cut out different colours of tissue. We used pink and red for this lantern.

Lay your tissue paper on top of your template and glue the 1s all the way around the outside of the lantern. Lay another piece of tissue on top and glue the 2s all the way around the outside of the lantern. Keep going for the entire lantern. We stopped about half way through our pink tissues to do the reds.

Cut out two cardboard pieces of circles that are the same size as your tissue paper.

Glue the cardboard ends to your lantern and enjoy! We put a piece of ribbon through the lantern so it can hang over our kitchen table. Now we want to make lots more to decorate the backyard patio!

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