Friday, August 19, 2011

Button TicTacToe

Since today is Friday, we thought we'd try an activity to help us take our mind off Ramadan. We decided to try making a tic tac toe (تيك تاك تو) game out of buttons that could easily travel with us while we are visiting family members for Eid.

You'll need
2 different coloured buttons
Metal tin

Lay your ribbon across your metal tin so you know how much you'll need to cut. Make sure you leave plenty on the sides to glue the edges down. Cut four pieces of ribbon in this size.

Glue down you ribbon one by one across the bottom of you metal tin.

Glue your buttons onto your magnets.

Enjoy your game.

The cool thing is when you are done playing, you can put your magnets inside the tin for easy storage!

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