Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jordan almonds box

I recently went to an Arab wedding and realized that my favorite part of the wedding is seeing how the Jordan almonds are packaged. I've gotten some gorgeous boxes made of mother of pearl, metal, porcelain, wood or fabric. I've received swan shaped boxes, boxes made to look like bags, heart boxes and one that looked like a wedding dress. Today we celebrate the art of getting married by creating an origami box to hold the delicious treats before they are all gobbled up!

You'll need
7 x 7 inch piece of two sided cardstock
Bone folder

Fold your cardstock diagonally and do the same on the other two corners.

Fold your cardstock the long way and then do the same on the other side.

Your cardstock will appear to have eight triangles once you open it up all the way.

Hold the top and the bottom corner, and bring them together, making sure you tuck the two sides in.

Fold one side along to the central fold.

Open up the small flap and press flat. Make sure these two folds line up.

Tuck the left side of the small flap behind itself.

Now do the same to the other side.

Both sides should now look the same.

Turn it over so that other side is on top and do the same with the flaps at the back.

The back should look exactly the same as the front.

Fold all four flaps down as far as they will go.

When you have folded two flaps down, pull the other two to the side and they will fold down too.

Your box should start to open when you fold over the flaps.

With your hand underneath, push up the middle and it will miraculously turn into a box.

Neaten up the star flaps and fill it up with your candy!

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Sandra Tyler said...

my son loves origami so he might like this!

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