Thursday, August 18, 2011

Eid Camel Gift Bag Tutorial

I recently got this a great set of cookie cutters from Zibbet that included a camel, lamb and a palm tree. We thought it would be great if we used these cookie cutters for not just making cookies, but for craft shapes too. So today we'll make an easy gift: we'll fill the camel cookie cutter with goodies and share it with a friend!

Clear bag
Camel cookie cutter

Trace the cookie cutter shape onto the thin cardboard.

Cut out the shape.

Place the cardboard behind the cookie cutter. Don't use glue or tape, so that your friend can use the cookie cutter later. If the shape does not fit, cut out a little more or play with it until it fits.

Pour candy into the cookie cutter.

Place in clear bag and tie top with ribbon.

Give to a friend!


Anonymous said...

Great idea! Do you happen to have the link where I can buy the set of cookie cutters with the lamb and palm tree?

A Crafty Arab said...

I got them from a seller on Zibbet called CookieCutterGuy, but it appears the show has closed. I'm sorry :(

A Crafty Arab said...

^ show=shop

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