Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Syrian Pinwheel Flag

Today our hearts belong with the Syrian people and the suffering they are going through right now.

While my daughters are a little young to try to understand why such a horrible thing is happening to Arabs like them (especially when they can't quite grasp the concept of what is happening to their own cousins in Libya), we decided to celebrate the Syrian sprit by making this pinwheel flag to hang in our home.

Right next to our handmade Libya flag.
Syrian Pinwheel Flag Tutorial
12 x 12inch red and black cardstock
2 sheets of 6 x 6inch white cardstock
Small sheet of green cardstock (just enough for two stars)
Hole punch
Hanging string of some sort

Mark 1 inch lines on your black and red cardstock paper and fold along those lines accordion style.

Once your paper is folded all the way, staple the ends of the accordion to each other.

Staple the red and black accordion cardstocks to each other.

Mark 1/2 inch lines on your two sheets of white cardstock and accordion fold them also.

After you have done both, be sure to staple them to each other, just like you did with the red and black sheets above.

Cut out (or punch out) two green stars.

Glue the white pinwheel to the red/black pinwheel. Glue the stars to the white pinwheel.

Hole punch the top of your red flag. Make sure you hole punch the two ends pieces that have been stapled together as this will make your hanging flag stronger.
(oops! my photo is upside down! The red should be at the top of the Syrian flag.)

Place some string in your punched hole and hang your Syrian flag up with pride.

If you'd like to give to the humanitarian aid in Syria, please donate to Life for Relief and Development.

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