Thursday, August 25, 2011

Star banner

Since Eid is so close, we have been trying to think up ways to decorate our house.

 We already have a bunch of Paper Lanterns around our dining room table, so we thought it might be nice to also make a star banner to go with them.

You'll need
5 colors of tissue paper*
Double sided tape
Star template (found online)
Take your star template and write a 1 in the middle and 2s all around the five points of the star.

Fold your tissue paper until you have an area that is slightly larger then your star. Place your star template over your tissue paper and with your pencil, trace your pattern.

Cut out your star from all the sheets of the tissue paper.

Do the same for your other four colours of tissue paper and lay them out in a line.

Take your first colour and place a dap of tape in the middle of your star (where your number 1 was on your template). Place the next star colour tissue over that star.

Place a dap of tape along the points of your star on the second start (where your number 2 was on your template).

Continue this pattern, taping on the 1s and then 2s until your star tissues are all done. Gently grab the first and last stars and pull them apart to see what your banner will look like. We stopped before we finished so we can take a photo for you, otherwise, our banner when we were done was much longer. You can keep going all around the room if you'd like!

*For a country celebration, try using the colours of your county flag.

1 comment:

Elena said...

Very beautiful and colourful! Thank you!

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