Saturday, August 6, 2011

Donkey and Cart

In most parts of the world, it is too expensive to buy a pickup truck. Horses and donkeys are used with a high frequency to get around with your merchandise, farming tools, harvest or family. So today we thought we'd celebrate the donkeys and carts around the world and all they do to help carry the loads for their masters.

You'll need
Manila folder
Black paper
Brown corrugated paper

Draw out the body of the donkey but make the legs separate so he can stand later.

Be sure to draw in slits on the body and legs so that they fit into each other.

Cut out all the body parts and don't forget to cut out the slits (this makes more sense when you look at the photo of the donkey to see how they'll fit in later).

Your donkey parts will now look like this.

Fold your manila folder twice so that you can cutout a square. This is your cart body.

Cut out wheels from the same black paper you used for the donkey. When you draw out the circles, make one side of the square rectangle so that you can fold this over to glue to the bottom of your cart.

Cut out the top of your cart from corrugated paper into a rectangle that is shorter then your cart body on one side, but 1 1/2 times as long on the other side. We actually made our own corrugated paper because we have this nifty tool. It can turn any paper into a corrugate and it's very fun to use. Glue the cart top to your cart body.

Cut out two stripes of paper from your corrugated paper and glue those down to the side of your cart top. Then cut out one more piece to glue down on either side of those two strips. This is the reins to hold your donkey to your cart.

Put your donkey together by fitting the slits of the legs to the slits of the body. Draw a nose, eyes, mane and tail on your donkey and put him in front of the cart.

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AsSalaamu Alaikum, I will be using this! I love all your crafts, MashaAllah.

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