Sunday, August 21, 2011

Palm Tree Cookie Cutter Candle

I recently got this a great set of cookie cutters from Zibbet that included a camel, lamb and palm tree. We thought it would be great if we used these cookie cutters for not just making cookies, but for craft shapes too. So today we'll make a palm tree candle so we can enjoy our lamb cookies by candlelight!

You'll need
Palm tree cookie cutter

Place the cookie cutter on top of your beeswax and trace out the design.

Cut out your drawn shape.

Lay your cut shape on top of the beeswax again and cut out five more, so you'll have six total.

Lay three of the cut shapes on top of each other.

Place your wick in the middle of the palm tree and place the next three layers on top. Press the wax shapes together.

Enjoy your candle, but don't leave it burning unattended!

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